Upper Cervical Specific Care



Dr. Tabick's office provides a comfortable space for his patients to come receive care and get well. New York Specific Chiropractic is known for it's use of the brain stem decompression procedure that directly addresses removal of subluxation. Subluxation can cause misalignments in the the spine/hips/shoulders, poor sleep/digestion, anxiety and many other health problems. This upper cervical specific procedure has been researched, perfected since 1932 and continues to be successful in helping our patients get well and stay well.



Upper cervical care is based on the detection and correction of the cause of subluxation. The precise nature of upper cervical care comes from it's accurate testing. Dr. Tabick uses a neurocaloencephalomentimpograph or Neurocalograph to detect subluxation that effects the brain stem and spinal cord. This results of this preliminary testing done during the consultation will qualifies patients for upper cervical treatment.  We provide the highest level of care and expertise necessary for our patient's success. Upper cervical chiropractic is safe, comfortable and effective at helping patients  restore their true level of health.